Easton’s CoWorking Space

We are a CoWorking space located in Easton, Pennsylvania. Our unique atmosphere fosters a great working environment and is the ideal place for telecommuters, freelancers, artists, and entrepreneurs looking to take that next step in growing their business.

We provide our members with a great space to work, and support for their business endeavors, all without breaking the bank. Stop by and visit us, or drop us a line to get more information.


  • Whenever Workers

    Whenever Workers

    9am–5pm access to your dedicated desk in a relaxing yet creative environment with all the resources that you need to excel!

  • Rise & Grind

    Rise & Grind

    Coffee is always a good idea. Oh, and tea too.

  • Plentiful Printing

    Plentiful Printing

    Members enjoy unlimited scanning, copying and full-color prints. Pretty sweet, right?

  • Snail Mail

    Snail Mail

    Rent a P.O. Box across the street at the US Post Office. Receive FedEx & UPS deliveries at your desk.

  • Meeting of the Minds

    Meeting of the Minds

    Impromptu conversations can change the world. We wouldn’t have Apple if Steve Jobs & Steve Wozniak had never met.

  • Keep it Together

    Keep it Together

    Stapler, rubber bands, packaging tape and various office supplies to help you stay organized and productive.

  • Get on the Bus

    Get on the Bus

    Easton, PA is located an hour from New York City and an hour from Philadelphia. Easton CoWorks is a block from the Trans–Bridge bus station. Because sometimes you might have an out-of-town meeting and a bus ticket is cheaper than parking.

  • Conference Area

    Conference Area

    Members have access to our conference area with a simple reservation on the shared calendar.

  • Dedicated Desk

    Dedicated Desk

    To quote Oprah, “You get a desk, and you get a desk… everyone gets a desk!” Oh, and did we mention a locking drawer to keep your stuff secure? You get that too.

  • Fast Internet

    Fast Internet

    Our 135 Mbps internet connection and secured WiFi ensures there’s plenty of internet for everybody.

  • The Softer Section

    The Softer Section

    Our lounge includes a comfy couch, Spotify and a house plant. Occasional hairless cat as well.

  • Keepin' it Fresh

    Keepin' it Fresh

    We have the sweetest cleaning lady in Easton. She keeps the space tidy and presentable for you and your guests.

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